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Discovery Pack - Banana, Vanilla, Chocolate-Caramel

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Thanks to our pack, discover the 3 gourmet flavors of our range of high-quality food supplements: banana, vanilla and chocolate-caramel.

Natural and healthy , based on vitamins and minerals , Nutristim nutritional mixtures contain everything your body needs daily to function optimally .

A dose of 26 gr of Nutritism powder diluted for a dose of 150 ml of liquid (milk, soy, cottage cheese): these are dozens of vitamins , minerals , lipids , carbohydrates and proteins concentrated for your perfect well-being .

Choose quality and affordable food supplements in Belgium

The nutritional mixtures Nutristim provide your metabolism everything it needs to function optimally, day after day.

Strengthen your immunity, cuddle your body and take pleasure in a moment of sweet taste.

Follow a balanced diet and practice a sport is essential to safeguard the health of your muscles and your body.

Indeed, in the absence of nutritional balance , fatigue and severe nutritional deficiencies appear over time.

Nutritism, a healthy, easy and delicious daily ritual

Exquisite taste, instant mixes a complete nutrient supply and Shaker convenient to use: adopt a balanced diet has never been easier and faster!

Dietary supplements Nutritism help strengthen the immune system and reduce fatigue. Think about yourself: do yourself good!

Thanks to its creamy texture and its 3 delicious scents , taking care of yourself and your health with Nutritism becomes a real treat.

Our Shaker has also been designed to be practical and easy to use . You can have a fun break wherever you are, whenever you want.

Nutritism is the fruit of long professional experience in the food industry: the elements of your discovery package all comply with the laws relating to food products in force in the European Union .