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Nutritism is first and foremost a sharing site . The ideal place to learn, exchange, and I hope to change the nutrition of today and tomorrow !


It is the story of a fat man who has been asking questions since he was a child . Existential questions about the meaning of life and who does not find them, so he eats to reassure himself ...

I have always been round or fat since my first day on this earth. "Don't worry it will go through puberty" ... At 18 years old, I am 127 kilos but I have the vague impression that puberty is behind me ... Would I have been lied to?

The years go by ... Marriage, children, career and worries, I play yo-yo with the pounds, the pounds slyly eat away at my health .

I am not obese enough to be versed in the category of morbidly obese, so I adapt to a gorilla silhouette, muscles less, and indulge in a diet defying any form of nutritional intelligence .

The first alerts of failing health emerge but I do not see them or ignore them voluntarily until the day when nature reminds me that I am only an infinite part of the universe and that the adventure can end at any time...

3 stays in hospital, one of which was almost fatal, made me realize that food is essential in building well-being .

The last straw: I have been running a food ingredients business for 20 years!

So I educate myself, inform myself and train myself, I hire skills with a single objective: to create an ideal digest for the body , to give everyone the opportunity to eat properly at a democratic price.

I didn't know it yet but Nutritism was born.

The goal is to offer yourself (not to take!) 5 minutes a day to think about yourself , your body, by nourishing it more than validly and to think about your daily diet: if I think about what I will give to my body, I think of myself.

Thanks to our mixtures, I have lost 22 kg and I really want to make the most of my experience.

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Nutristim is first and foremost a sharing site

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Taking care of your body means taking care of yourself