Tout se passe le matin

Everything happens in the morning

I remember those rainy mornings when the only desire was to turn over on the duvet and flee the sunrise like the plague.

A weather that seems to foment a daily plot to put your spirits at half mast, the pressure of the watch, the children, the school, the traffic jams and especially ... the meal of the old woman.

Too heavy, too late, too salty, too fatty, too sweet in short ... too much.

The next morning, you have the impression that you have swallowed a stone and that it ballasts you at the bottom of a swimming pool.

Add the absence of movement or sport and here is a negative routine that sets in, day after day ... irremediably, annoyingly, dangerously: a forceps survey and mornings sorrow.

It is in the morning that we regain control of ourselves. After a good night's sleep on autopilot, the captain resumed control.

Some pray, others meditate or do yoga, but the most aware know that when we wake up we will wonder about ourselves. How are we doing this morning? How do we feel? It is at this moment that we become aware, that we reconnect with us.

Experience it for a few days (it takes between 30 and 60 days for a habit to set in): get up and take 5 minutes (not impossible to find, right?) And ask yourself these two questions ... just to see you and share your feelings.

The daily ritual is to take advantage of the morning and this return to life to… take it in hand.

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