Nutritism, votre rituel quotidien

Nutritism, your daily ritual

If the name Nutritism may seem peremptory to some, it is above all intended to unite.

There is no cost of entry, exam to pass or ceremony to join the community.

No barrier, age, gender, race or religion. Nor is there a mercantile point system or a pyramid system.

Nutritism accepts all women and men of good will who wish to make their diet the engine of a healthy life, a better life.

After long research, a painful medical experience and a company located at the heart of the food industry, I tried to take a step back from my diet, my environment, my figure and the people around me.

No matter their waist size, everyone complained. Stuck between aficionados of trendy diets, organic enthusiasts, not to mention my loved ones with eating disorders. I was surrounded from the outside and the inside by health concerns and a healthy lifestyle that I should not give to children.

Life wanted two of my close collaborators to find themselves at the same time in the same questioning. They, too, had gone through "health storms" and were taking part individually in a nutritional questioning.

Many questions surrounded by a lot of knowledge and experience were therefore gathered around the table to find the best way to provide a simple, accessible and ecological solution to nutrition concerns from a “health” perspective in a sustainable and above all balanced way. .

Imagine the task: how to give an answer to the fall in nutritional values in food for 30 years (agriculture / intensive farming, pesticides, global warming, etc.) to eating habits bordering on heresy and a tainted lifestyle chronic stress?

Let's not talk about eating disorders at this point. Let us only note (and I have seen it for 5 decades) the ravages of uncontrolled, unconscious eating on weight!

After long (very long) reflections, we came to a simple and easily exploitable conclusion, based on 3 pillars SCIENCE - CONSCIOUSNESS - MOVEMENT .

Science : provide the body daily with what it needs to function perfectly without deficiencies (vitamins, minerals and especially proteins, fats and carbohydrates).

Consciousness : come back to yourself, focus on yourself, detach yourself from stress to tend towards all forms of healthy serenity (therefore not under the influence of substances). Become aware of our nutrition needs and eat mindfully.

Movement: movement is life, to be healthier, nothing like playing sports in moderation and wisdom of course.

These 3 pillars transcended us, they immediately inspired us, like a number hidden in a table filled with seemingly insolvent equations: a daily ritual, that's the solution!

A privileged moment that we take, we offer, we dedicate.

A moment just for us, where we prepare a Shake containing everything our body needs (the 3 main groups Proteins - Carbohydrates - Lipids as well as all the essential minerals and vitamins).

A sacred moment when we think of ourselves and our body and meditate, ignoring the stresses and constraints to find ourselves with ourselves.

Finally, a moment when we think about how to manage our food intake and our range of movement.

Nutritism was born, like a ray of sunshine in a sky of dark clouds. A ray of hope in this world where stress and profitability dominate.

A real desire to share and associate ideas, not to find the Grail but to evolve, grow, meet, debate and above all tend towards conscious nutrition.

Our objective is clear: to transmit, improve and develop this ritual to the greatest number.

I hope that you will join us and that you will quickly participate in this new adventure.