Les 10 Commandements de Nutritism

The 10 Commandments of Nutritism

  1. Your body, you will accept
  2. Your true nature you will discover
  3. You will think: being good with yourself, facilitates relationships with others
  4. You will take care of your nutrition: we are what we eat
  5. Your body you will treasure: healthy physical activities are essential for the proper functioning of the body
  6. Stress, you will avoid: life is balanced, as far as possible you will take care to remove toxic stress
  7. Goals you will ask yourself
  8. Nature, you will respect by recharging your batteries
  9. Time you will tame
  10. From your failures you will learn

1Your body, you will accept

Yes sorry to tell you but your body is yours and you will not change it

So accept it . To accept is not to resign oneselfBut act according to its own characteristics

Love yourself, take care of yourself, breatheWalk in conscienceEat consciously

2Your true nature you will discover

Discovering yourself is a long journeyHow many are there to set out ? How many are there to get lost on the way?

Today, everything is done to entertain us and ultimately, everything takes us away from our real nature.

Eyes riveted on our screens, heads in the lives of others sprawling in networks, we get lost in our desires and we look for models to imitateWe are willing to pay dearly to look like them

However, it is by discovering who you really are that you will find serenity .

T his is a little ritual to establish to help you on this path.

A few minutes a day, try to focus on yourself and only on yourselfDisconnect from news and other people's lives

Treat yourself this face to face with yourself, giving you time to feel your body, to feel your deepest emotions

Then listen to your little inner way and ask it the right questions: what image do I have of myself, of my body, what would be my ideal day, why I do this job this sport, what are my hobbies? Where am I in my diet ? What bad habit would I want to get rid of ? At work or at home, what am I doing that is not right for me or no longer?

Then try to imagine the possible solutions, some small adjustments necessary ...

3You will think: being good with yourself, facilitates relationships with others

It's not about becoming selfish or self-centered but about coming back to yourself

In a world where everything goes too fast, we tend to forget ourselvesBy dint of not taking time for oneself one leaves oneself ...

So look for moments just for you and for you.

Today thinkStop and imagine: start by stopping always to be in sacrifice and in service to others, whether at home or at work

Take the example of oxygen masks on airplanesWe start by putting the mask on his face before putting it on that of his children or other people.

To take better care of others you have to start with yourselfIt is therefore important to be able to say no and put the requests into perspective .

4You will take care of your nutrition: we are what we eat

The great Hippocrates in the 5th century BCE already declared "Let your nutrition be your first medicine "T he centuries pass the ways of eating change but the problems remain ...

Yes our diet conditions our state of healthIt can keep us alive or kill us, it can get us out of a chronic problem, just like making a little worse , or it also cheers us up.

And often the observation is as follows: our relationship with our food is complicated ...

For a long time I fought against her and against me. Today, thanks to my personal and professional experience in the field of nutrition and food research, I have developed the Nutritism range

I have searched for a nutritional ideal for a long time, I tested many products without finding the ideal Shake, so I decided to launch my range. Nutritism was born ...

Our products offer the perfect combination of taste and nutritional qualitiesTake charge of your health with lightness and pleasure , and join us in the adventure of balanced nutrition .

Great simple principles for everyone

1Good lipids you will choose

Fats are very caloric and promote overweight and cardiovascular diseaseIt is therefore particularly important, as part of a healthy diet , to choose the right fats.

Prefer vegetable fats and oils richer in polyunsaturated fatty acids and omega 3.

Beware of hidden fats : sweets, cakes and prepared dishes are rich in them

And favor avocados, nuts and fish.

2Sugar we will make a friend in small doses

Our brain needs sugar but our thoughts and our morale even more ...

This best enemy tastes of childhood, tartines-nutella snacks, then he was always there to cheer us up…

But he's a killer who wants us good

Love it in pasta "al dente", in red fruits and in pulses, but avoid it in jams, candies and other pastries!

3Water will be my ally

Your body needs 1.5 to 2 liters of fluids each day

If you play sports these needs increase even more

Prefer still or sparkling waterFull of mineral salts which contribute to a good internal balance.

4Good proteins will be dear

Organic eggs, fish and lean meats at least three times a week.

5Lots of vegetables we will prepare

In this regard, it is interesting to see the table of glycemic indexes . And your Nutritism secret weapon of course ..!

In the same way that a company needs to balance its books, a human body healthy ed balance its inputs and expenses

If your basal metabolism is 2200 kcal and your inputs are 2500 kcal, you gain weight.

Certain foods are true allies

They are full of mineral salts and nourish you while passing through your body without ballasting youFor example :

  • Green vegetables: cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage ...
  • Fresh mushrooms
  • Red berries
  • Pears
  • Fresh skim milk
  • Shakes N utitism are immediately assimilated and do not store the calories in your body

Avoid: foods that store calories directly

  • Chocolate
  • Butter
  • Creams
  • Simple carbohydrates
  • jam
  • Ice cream
  • Waffles and other cookies
  • All prepared dishes ...

5Your body you will treasure

Your body you will treasure: healthy physical activities are essential for the proper functioning of the body

To detoxify your liver and your body, prepare a synergy of 4 essential oils.

In a neutral bottle mix 40 drops of each essential oilTheir powerful action will help you quickly and in depth to detoxify your body and restore your energy

  • To use pure: a few drops are enough
  • To add to a neutral cream or to a massage oil (carrot avocado for example)

Then massage with emphasis on the liver and pancreas region networksRight and left of the abdomen

1Lemon essential oil for fat burning

Lemon essential oil, composed of monoterpenes, balances the production of bile, which cleanses the liverIts draining active ingredients thin the blood circulation, which contributes to the elimination of toxins and waste

2Rosemary essential oil from Verbenone to drain the liver and promote the dissolution of fat cells.

3Peppermint essential oil for digestion

4Juniper essential oil to regulate liquids and prevent water retention.

Massage yourself. Massage is a message for your body

This phenomenon is known in babies who need the touch of their parents to develop wellAlas growing up we forget this need. .. vital

By massaging yourself with sweet creams every day, you send your body the message of love and acceptance

Add a few drops of essential oils to your base cream

Here are some essential draining and revitalizing oils: cypress, lemon palmarosa , grapefruit.

In times of food rebalancing, we need to boost our mind. Because acting only on the body is impossible, always have a toolbox for difficult times

These are mantras or key questions to ask yourself in difficult times, moments of discouragement or doubt

Some examples of safety nets: when you are asked excessively, ask yourself immediately if it is really useful, urgent vital?  

Then put it into perspective! Ask for helpCall a friendPost a message on our blog ..Ask nature to help youIf your relationships are complicated, reread the Toltec agreements ....

6Stress, you will avoid: life is balanced, as far as possible you will take care to remove toxic stress.

Stay away from toxic substances of all kinds as much as possibleJunk food like reality TV, white sugar, or even toxic people who pump energy and joie de vivre

Let go of what's harmfulA void stress is impossible, so you have to put in place strategies that will allow you not to get carried away by it ...

Even if you have already heard the "let go" injunction and think you know everything about it ...Who can really put it into practice?

When all is well then we say "ok, I let go".But all is well, you have done nothing more than let yourself go !!

True letting go comes as grace in moments that are unbearableSo welcome the next difficult moment with a wink , like an exercise, a practice of letting go.

Take distance or the art of asking the right questions

Take a piece of paper and write down some tasks that you put off forever, which pollute your life and your mind.

Then ask yourself some questionsWriting helps to put distanceWhy do you think you can't do this thing? Since when? What feelings arise in you when you decide to get started?

Do you know the story of the two wolves?

An old Indian told his little son that each of us has in him two wolves engaged battle

The first wolf represents serenity, love and kindnessThe second wolf represents fear, greed and hatred

"Which of the two wolves wins? " Asks the child. "The one we feed," replies the grandfather.

Native American wisdom.


7Nature, you will respect by recharging your batteries

Far from the city, noise and pollution, recharge your batteries in natureForget about an hour the city the noise the phonesBreathe ... Be grateful for the oxygen, for the scent of the flowers, for the strength of the trees around you

Thanks to life thanks to nature.

In nature everything is necessary, everything has its role and its placeAnd in your life, rethink your life as an ecosystem

And then try to import this scenario in your life and in your place of life and in your environment

Start with your houseBecause living in a healthy and tidy universe contributes to well-beingEliminate questionable trinkets that clutter you upOld memories that take you back to the pastAnd make yourself a nest

8Goals you will ask yourself

Not big, not crazy, NO: small goalsAny journey, no matter how long, starts with a very small first step

So set yourself a very small goal today and tonight it must be achievedFor example, less sugar, less a biscuit, a discarded cigarette ... A n small grief, yes, but a great victory!

The art of simplicity

Think two seconds about your life, your relationships, your form, your dietIn which areas do you lack fluidity of simplicity?

Often complicated situations are so many energy leaksThese fuzzy relations, these unspoken we are pumping and our body stores fat and still stores ..

Strive to make a list of all the areas of your life that lack simplicityIt is sometimes a long process but it is worth it.

And remember: "Simplicity is the most difficult thing to achieve in this world; it is the last limit of experience and the last effort of genius." Georges Sand

9From your failures you will learn

We learn more from our failures than from our successesShow self-acceptance and kindness. Three minutes to meditate:

“Self-benevolence is simply showing respect for yourself, being gentle with yourself, especially when you are sufferingWhen we are hurt, first console ourselves, calm us down, repair ourselves, even before trying to correct us or lecture usAnd never hurt us, never. » Christophe André.

If you failed it was because you were not ready or that you were not on the right path or that the moment was not the right one.

So ez you pos the right questions

What are you putting back irretrievably after which you poll the eu's life? Why do you think you can't do this thing? Since when? What feelings arise in you when you decide to get started?

10Time you will tame

Marguerite Y ourcenar said that "it is being wrong than being right too soon. "

Sometimes it ’s not time yet, and sometimes it’s useless to keep long-standing relationships

Give yourself time and sort through your life