Le bien-être au centre de tout

Well-being at the center of everything

Some are already wondering, but what is this religious sect with their well-being ritual?

What is their Shake? And their 3 pillars, why? Have we not already been attacked from all sides with revolutionary and very aggressive marketing methods. One more ???  

On this last point, I agree. Nutritism was also born by this fed up method which promises you the IQ of Einstein or Marie Curie and the body of Brad Pitt where. There, I find it hard to choose but you will choose for me! However, they all have two things in common.

On the one hand, they are restrictive or even aggressive methods. One of the big groups (Protides - Carbohydrates - Lipids) is favored to the detriment of one or two others in a badly unbalanced way.

The results are there, in the short term, but we must put them in parallel with the ravages they cause, due to deficiencies for the organism, and probable dysfunctions of certain organs.

These methods are suitable for the impatient because they must be immediate, visible and measurable. In addition to the dangers for the organism, let us underline the fact that of their stop and without return to a dietary / nutritional balance , the victims of these diets take a ticket in the front row for a demonstration of yo-yo.

The other common point is also a sham (that said, I did not want to offend the clients / victims here by comparing them with our pigeon friends). All of them are supposedly based on long and costly scientific studies.

Few doctors or other health professionals who stick their image on these statements. When you send them an e-mail to request scientific reports, two scenarios appear: either your e-mail gets lost in the digital vortex, or you are sent a document that looks more like a collage mosaic worthy of a sheltered workshop (with all respect for what they do !!! ...)

In short, 95% of the methods are gold dust in the eyes because yes… there is a lot of money to be made on people in distress because in poor health.

I meant these methods because of course I tested them! Of course I lost money and I damaged my body.

The goal of Nutritism is to move forward together. To be good. Not especially to lose weight but to be well. To think of yourself. When we are well, we eat better ...

With my friends and colleagues, we offer a limited range of delicious nutritional shakes.

It is the first reflex to have in the day. Prepare it, drink it and think about yourself. Establish a ritual.

Who knows one day there will be thousands of us having lunch at the same time?

We are looking for dieticians, nutrition professionals, doctors, the teacher of Pilates, Yoga, Meditation through the CrossFit coach.

Feel free to write to me at david@nutritism.com and let's create this idea of a healthier future in mindfulness and motivation nutrition together.