L’équilibre calorique

Calorie balance

Just as a society must balance its accounts , a healthy human body watches over its inflows and outgoings.

If your basal metabolism is 2200 kcal and your inputs are 2500 kcal you gain weight ... it seems obvious and yet many miss this simple reasoning.

Take the time to think about your report “food inputs) / outputs (movements)”

Write, write them down .

Personally, I owe a lot to Myfitnesspal (my fitness companion). The site and are mobile are great and intuitive.

This application a barcode database and huge food. You can do your shopping by scanning what you plan to buy (you just have to add the weight) and you know EXACTLY how many calories you will consume.

Go ahead, reflect on this balance and you may be surprised at the result but what does it matter if you enlighten your consciousness, the action will follow!