C’est l’histoire banale d’un mec banal

It's the mundane story of a mundane guy

The kind of ordinary guy who crunches life and who feels immortal. A basic entrepreneur, far from dazzling successes in High Tech or finance but who lives off his business and who takes pleasure in what he does.

Active in food ingredients, he rubs shoulders with food manufacturers and tries to provide them with solutions in their manufacturing processes.

The E numbers so often criticized, spices and aromas have no secrets for him, he fell in when he was little.

A lifestyle that is inversely proportional to his professional commitment, that is to say zero .

Frequent restaurants, an elastic silhouette according to the seasons and sporting challenges, in short nothing constant but above all this feeling of invulnerability, invincibility and this sweet wind of eternity which blows and sweeps all the good resolutions.

A big fright

And then one day, the fifties points the tip of his nose without warning, on tiptoe, she asks only to settle in this body so badly treated, so flouted and he taunts her with cynical irony .

Playing near the fire, you get burned, and strong!

The fifties are right about their intestines. 4 hospital stays and two interventions are reason for the feeling of immortality.

The fall is brutal and the addition heavy: 8 cm of intestine less, a diet that sounds like the end of childhood food, annual checks and a sword of Damocles as a daily reminder.

At the time of electronic diaries, he would have happily done without it.

This commonplace guy is me

I almost lost my second brain (nice at least, I have one!) And leave the ones I have the most expensive.

I crunched into the apple of life to the fullest when I should have taken care to savor it sparingly, to plant its seeds so that it is renewed even more beautiful and strong but no, it was necessary that the disease stops me to realize it.

This awareness is now part of my daily life and I wanted to share it.

With my friends and collaborators, we have long sought how to share this experience with the greatest number and especially tried to avoid them the unpleasant health; because let's face it, the source of well-being is on our plates ...

Nutritism, a dream come true

After long research and hard work, we decided to create a community, a religion of nutrition.

I can already hear you: another enlightened person who is trying to make money with his personal experience and who takes us for potential followers. Well no !

Of course, we want a broad and participative community. A community aware of the benefits of healthy eating and that thinks, which challenges our eating habits and customs.

We chose the name Nutritism by allegory to the great religions, but with us, there are no duties, obligations, dogmas.

There are no promises of salvation or redemption. The objective is to move towards healthier, more ecological nutrition that is better suited to our primary needs.

Nutritism, thought and designed for you

At Nutritism, we try to tend towards versions 2.0 of yourselves. Thinking of you is not a model of selfishness but the prerequisite for a balanced diet in order to take an active place in full consciousness in today's society to prepare for an even better one.

I hope that many of you will share with us. I hope you will let us know about your fears, expectations and goals regarding nutrition.

Above all, I hope that together we will strive towards healthy eating for us and the children who will succeed us.