9. De tes échecs tu apprendras

9. From your failures you will learn

We learn more from our failures than from our successes !

I share the opinion that the human being reveals himself in his strength to recover from his failures.

Wallowing in the delights and even the ecstasy of success is only vile and sterile flattery of the ego.

The feeling of past satisfaction is about failure that I focus on.

I try to analyze its sources, the how, the why ?

Of course, I often had to overcome the frustration of failure, the lack of answers to my questions or worse ... the disastrous finding that I aimed too high.

I was not good, too slow, too fat, not intelligent enough. Bad what!

It hurts, of course, but with hindsight it leads to self-benevolence .

Ultimately , it is simply showing respect for yourself, being gentle with yourself, especially when you are suffering. When we are hurt, first console ourselves, calm us down, repair ourselves, even before trying to correct us or lecture us.

If you failed it was because you were not ready or that you were not on the right path, or that the moment was not the right one.

So pos ez you the right questions. In the morning and yes, I come back to this morning ritual again ... This is the perfect time to ask yourself (THE) good questions. Think about yourself, your body ... 10 minutes ... Is it really impossible to find?

Do not put off until tomorrow or the first of each month to start self-caring mind / body. Tomorrow begins today and because your strength is concentrated in your experience, which is the sum of your failures…

Remember it every day:

" I am the master of my destiny, I am the captain of my soul " ( William Ernest Henley , Invictus ... Nelson Mandela's favorite poem)