8. Des objectifs tu poseras

8. Goals you will ask

A life without goals is an endless tunnel.

Note this sentence, in years it will become cult

Whether it's movement, weight loss, quitting smoking or other temporary problems, your health also demands goals.

I really like the SMART definition of a goal.

S => specific (it must be clear and precise)

M => measurable (essential for recording progress)

A => reachable (be modest at the start, the end of the tunnel must be visible!)

R => realistic ( too ambitious or unrealistic they will overwhelm you with motivation)

T => temporal (A goal not defined in time becomes a profession of faith or a chronic frustration)

Ecure Today a small goal and tonight it should be Réalis ed.

For example, one less sugar in your coffee, one less cookie , one discarded cigarette , I walk 500 m. .. a little mourning certainly but a great victory!

Take a week of determined small actions and take the time and step back to set SMART goals ...

Time only has the importance that you give it (second cult sentence). Health is not measured by the minute that spends, it is always a need and a primary concern!

To regain, maintain and improve health, time has no hold.