7. La nature tu respecteras

7. Nature you will respect

Far from the city, noise and pollution, recharge your batteries in nature. Forget the city, the noise, the smartphones for an hour.

Breathe. Focus on what you discover: colors, landscapes, smells.

Whether it's raining, snowing or in full sun, nature is there for you. We ignore it so often ...

We don't respect what we don't know… starting with us…

To reconnect with nature is to reconnect with one's true nature ... or at least to try to find it.

Stress, food imbalance, daily worries tear us away from this source of well-being, free and at hand…

Starting today , spend an hour a week strolling alone or well accompanied (no talkers, no harmful company , etc. )

If you want to deepen your natural discoveries, click   here for hikes of all levels.

I also recommend a group of walkers ( the triple link ) very friendly to discover nature in a group