6. Le stress tu éviteras

6. Stress you will avoid

The u a balance is, as far as possible, you will take care to remove toxic stress.

Stay away from toxic substances of all kinds as much as possible. Junk Food like the reality TV / white sugar couple. The poisonous people who pump your energy and love to live. Let go of what's harmful.

Avoiding stress is impossible, so you have to put in place strategies that will allow you not to get carried away by it.

E ven if you've heard the injunction of "letting go" and you think you know everything about him .... Who can really put it into practice?

When all is well, you have done nothing more than let yourself go !!

True letting go comes as a grace in moments that are purely unbearable. Then greet the next difficult time (because yes unfortunately you still cross into) with a wink, a smile, an intense breathing as an exercise, a practice of letting go.

Take distance or the art of asking the right questions

Take a piece of paper and write down a few tasks that you put off forever, which pollute your life and your mind.

Then ask yourself a few questions. Writing helps to put distance. Why do you think you can't do this thing? Since when? What feelings arise in you when you decide to get started?

Think of yourself, it's to fight against stress…