5. Ton corps tu chériras

5. Your body you will treasure

Healthy physical activities are essential for the proper functioning of the body

Too often I have abandoned this carcass which I compared to a pile of hideous fat.

It took me a long time to accept it, a lot of time ...

It was a long and painful fight, but I got there.

Today, the priority is to cherish it, give it what it demands (a healthy diet and movement) and above all ensure it every day.

Thinking about your body (and mind, of course) is as vital as breathing.

I start the day by taking a Shake Nutritism in order to provide him with everything he will not find (more?) In food. Depending on my calendar, I do a minimum of 20 min to 1 hour of sport per day.

My body does not (yet 😊 ) have the aesthetics of Brad Pitt or Justin Timberlake, but day after day, I cherish it with conviction and conscience.