5 grands principes simples pour vous

5 great simple principles for you

Without wanting to order you, let's share these great principles that we so often forget…

1. Good lipids you will choose

Fats are very caloric and promote overweight and cardiovascular disease. It is therefore particularly important, as part of a healthy diet, to choose the right fats.

Prefer vegetable fats and oils richer in polyunsaturated fatty acids and omega 3.

Pay attention to hidden fats : sweets, cakes and prepared dishes are rich in them.

And favor avocados, nuts and fish.

2. Sugar we will make a friend in small doses

Our brain needs sugar! Our thoughts and our morale even more.

This best enemy tastes of childhood, Nutella sandwiches, then he was always there to cheer us up….

At too high a dose, it is a slow and "sympathetic " killer ...

Love it in pasta al dente, in red fruits and in pulses but avoid it in jams, candies and other pastries.

3. Water will be my ally

Your body needs 1.5 to 2 liters of fluids each day.

If you play sports these needs increase even more.

Prefer still or sparkling water. Full of mineral salts which contribute to a good internal balance.

4. Good proteins will be dear

Organic eggs, fish and lean meats at least three times a week.

5. Lots of vegetables

If they are all advisable, some also hide an important sugar concentration. In this regard it is interesting to see the table of glycemic indexes .

Would you like more information? S Paintings ? Let me know !

And your secret weapon Nutritism course ... Your daily ritual!