10. Le temps tu apprivoiseras

10. The time you will tame

"I don't have time" ... "Sorry no time" ... "I don't have time" ...

More precious than gold, more stealthy than light, this precious jewel seems to escape us a little more every day.

No need to try to control it, no need to try to tame it, let's face it, it is stronger than us and worse ... it will survive us.

I have always sought to gain, save or reduce it.

The consequences are dramatic: lack of concentration, breakdown of social contact and poor quality of relationship.

Of course, it is easy to advise to take your time. Between family, work, friends or even hassle ... That's all ... except simple ...

And yet, the simple fact of asking the question, of thinking about the quality of the time that we spend with one or the other, on one or the other file, allows us to ask ourselves and to refocus on yourself.

Do I have to put so much energy to convince a convinced or stubborn native? Can I finish this work tomorrow and spend time with my children, my wife or ... go for a run?

These few daily, regular questions that become automatic if you practice them for 30 days, will allow you to tame the time for the most important person on earth ... YOU!